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Funeral Homes


You can now offer more services and value for your clients.  Our services provide very personal care to families and loved one.  We offer assistance with:

  1. Final Affairs Guidance

  2. Notification Assistance

  3. Benefit Claim Education & Assistance

  4. Survey's for your services & ours

  5. Referrals to you for pre-funeral planning & needs

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Healthcare Agencies


Having worked in hospice and the senior industry for many years, our level of expertise is valuable education for your clients and ours.  Often times your staff and social workers are busy and we help bridge the gap for aftercare.  You can integrate this with your bereavement program and we'll even train your staff.

Now you can offer a service that does what you do for families and patients...give peace of mind with aftercare.



We aren't attorney's but we know when our clients need them.   We'll refer to you for your legal expertise to assist families in need and to help with the pre-planning and preparation which is as individual as each person.

Other Partners


Partners can vary by industry.  We work with many partners for the betterment and assurance of all clients.   Give us a call so we can add you to our list of referral partners.  Here are but a few of our partner agencies;

Elder Care Attorney


Senior Placement Agencies

Care Management Advisors

Social Workers

Government Agencies

Tax Advisors

Estate Planners

Realtors and many more

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors will be on our home page with a link to their website and they'll help those families who can't afford our services through their sponsorship.


With your corporate donation you help others in need and donate to a worthy cause, helping people at a most traumatic time.