Partner with a Doula - Adding value for your business, patients & clients


End of Life Doulas are not simply a trend or a fad. Roughly 10,000 people turn 65 each day in the US, so more and more elders—as well as those with life-limiting illness—will need our services. Families are bringing new values, preferences, and opinions that are changing the world of end of life services. They are thinking differently about how they want to honor their loved ones and have new perceptions of the death services profession.

Death care is changing rapidly, with ongoing expansion of the industry. There is a demand for change in the way we care for the deceased, both physically and emotionally. Death doulas help bridge the gap between families and businesses. Having a death doula is helpful when a family has little experience with death or when they are afraid of confronting death. The death doula can act as a liaison between the family and your business, helping to educate families about the options available to them and easing what can often be a difficult or painful process.


End of Life Doulas offer a variety of services that include:

  • helping a person write their own obituary

  • assisting with legal paperwork, including advance directives

  • creating a peaceful, loving atmosphere 

  • providing grief care before, during, and after death of a loved one

  • creating a ceremony and assisting with arrangements for a final resting place

  • can help obtain earlier referrals and connect the dying to services

  • educate people to know that they have choices

  • explain regulations & terminology in healthcare

  • reduce family confusion and mistrust when interacting with care professionals

Doula services increase satisfaction which leads to more referrals and reduced intake stress.

We are here for your patients, clients & business.

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Partners can vary by industry.  We work with many partners for the betterment and assurance of all clients.   Give us a call so we can add you to our list of referral partners.  Here are but a few of our partner agencies;

Home Health & Hospice providers

Healthcare Providers

Hospitals, clinics & doctors offices

Elder Care Attorney


Senior Placement Agencies

Care Management Advisors

Social Workers

Government Agencies

Tax Advisors

Estate Planners

Realtors and many more





We aren't attorney's but we know when our clients need them.   We'll refer to you for your legal expertise to assist families in need and to help with the pre-planning and preparation which is as individual as each person.

Healthcare Agencies

Having worked in hospice and the senior industry for over a decade, my level of expertise is valuable education & assistance for your clients.  Often times your staff and social workers are busy and I help patients & families with education, referrals and information in their final journey and the bereavement process.  

Funeral Homes


You can now offer more services and value for your clients.  Our services provide very personal care to families and their loved one(s).  We offer assistance with:

  • Writing Obituary

  • End of Life DVD

  • Final Affairs Guidance

  • Notification Assistance

  • Benefit Claim Education & Assistance

  • Survey's for your services & ours

  • Referrals to you for pre-funeral planning & needs