Helping with your end of life journey

End of Life Doulas help patients & families during their final journey.  Assisting in the preparation and transition for all involved by providing physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual guidance and support.    Doula's are much more than this however, we are compassionate, empathetic, present and offer confidentiality.   We walk the journey with you to ease your discomfort and give you peace with knowledge and kindness.
"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
                        Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

What is the process?

Getting to know you

First is the introduction meeting with the patient.  I want to hear about your LIFE, your journey, everything from birth to where we are today.

  • your work

  • hobbies

  • music

  • values

  • religion (if any)

  • favorite smells/scents

  • pets

Getting to know your family

Here's where I find out about your family members, siblings, parents, spouse, children, etc.​  Anything you wish to share and who you want involved with your final journey

Your Bucket list

  • Do you have things you'd like to do or see before your journey ends? 

    • See the ocean or the grand canyon​

  • Is there someone you want to reach out to and connect with before you leave here? 

    • connect with a loved one or friend 

Things to comfort you

  • Music selection

  • Aromatherapy

  • Massages

  • your pet

  • Whatever you feel you need

At your bedside

Who do you want at your bedside during your final transition?   

Where do you want to be?

  • At home 

  • with spouse or family member

Any items or things you desire at your bedside like photos, music, your pet?​

Final wishes

  • Who do you want beside you?

  • Are you an organ donor

  • Funeral arrangements

  • Final expenses & arrangements

  • Obituary

  • Celebration of your Life

    • Balloon release, butterfly release​

    • DVD of your life 

After your journey 

Continuing with assistance of final arrangements and all that needs to be done for the remaining loved ones, family & friends.  Offering help with bereavement and grief as that now becomes their journey.  All the while continuing to celebrate YOUR life!